Getting in shape is not easy.  It takes time and commitment, both of which are in short supply when you have more than just yourself to worry about.  Work, family, friends, pets, a house – all of these things can chip away at both the time you have when you’re not sleeping and the amount that you choose to focus on getting in shape.  This is exactly the situation I’m in – I have a beautiful wife and daughter, a nice house, a good job and fantastic friends.   Overall I have a great life – but with all these things it can be very daunting to fit getting in shape into the equation.

  • Little Gym class run late?  “Let’s grab Wendy’s on the way home.”
  • Daughter didn’t want to go to sleep until 10:00?  “Maybe I’ll just skip the workout today.”
  • Need to take clients out to dinner?  “It would be rude if they ordered desert and I didn’t.”

These are all scenarios that have run through  my mind at one point or another.  I started this website for two reasons:

  1. To help other Dad’s shoehorn in fitness into their otherwise busy schedule and help them deal with situations like the above, based on my own (and continuing) experiences.
  2. When I started looking for resources to help me grapple with the challenges mentioned above, I didn’t find a lot of Dad-centric help.  A lot of the ones I did find either required the purchase of something (like an e-book), or didn’t provide a lot of first-hand experience or practical advice.  Overall I feel like Dad’s are an under-served and often overlooked population.  I wanted to help change that.

With all of this being said, I know when I’m looking for fitness advice, I want to see what the results are.  That’s why I’ve included the below picture – you can judge for yourself if the results of what I’m going to talk about are where you want to be.  So fellow Dads, I’m Kevin, and I hope that something I post here can help you in your journey to a fitter you.


P.S.  My daughter has invaded my gym – that’s not my horse.

Please let us know what you think!