I Don’t Use Fitness Apps

free fitness apps

As the title clearly states, I don’t use any fitness apps.  I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss for three main reasons: Our society today is extremely smart phone dependent.  We use them for everything these days, including it seems getting in shape. Over the last few years there have been a… Read more →

Cheat Meals and Cheater-cise

cheat meals

I wanted to write about this because frankly it’s something I struggle with on a regular basis.  Here’s the setup:  I have already exercised for the day and I’ve also been really good on my nutrition.  Unexpectedly, we decide to go to dinner as a family.  Maybe our daughter did really well at swim lessons,… Read more →

Thoughts on Teen Bodybuilding

teen bodybuilding

I see various aspects of this topic debated on a regular basis on the bodybuilding forums I frequent, both by parents as well as the teens themselves who are looking to get into bodybuilding.  As a website devoted to Dads, their families, and their joint fitness goals, I think it appropriate to weigh in on… Read more →

Additional Dumbbell Mistakes

best home gym equipment

I just wrote an article about 3 Common Dumbbell Mistakes, however there are definitely more to discuss so I thought I’d throw a few extra ones in here as I think of them.  Here they are: Jerky Motions – I alluded to this in some of the other mistakes, but thought it deserved it’s own… Read more →

3 Common Dumbbell Mistakes

best home gym equipment

When I’m working out I fully concentrate on my workout.  However, if I’m at a gym but in-between sets, resetting weight, etc. I tend to notice the other gym goers around me.  Without fail, every time I do this I see someone using dumbbells in a way that screams injury. Once you have been using… Read more →

Treating Injuries – Rest Equals Recovery

exercise injury

Recently, I sustained a very annoying wrist injury (Ironic, I just wrote about treating wrist injuries – Treating Injuries – Wrist Strain).  Let’s just say a little bit of foolishness on my part combined with a decline bench and two 90lb dumbbells combined to help make this happen. The really annoying part about hurting your… Read more →

The Ideal Number Of Reps Per Set

reps per set

Before we begin, I want to define two key terms here:  Rep and Set.  A rep is one execution of an exercise.  For example, if you do one bicep curl with a dumbbell, that’s a rep.  A set is a collection of reps performed consecutively.  Using the same exercise, if you perform 10 bicep curls… Read more →

Two Ab Workouts And Every Day Abs

ab workouts for men

I came across this interesting article on two ab workouts from two fitness models, Kizzito Ejam and Abel Albonetti.  While the exercises are good, they weren’t my key takeaway – I think they are actually pretty standard (or a variation of them) in a good ab routine for the most part.  However, there were a… Read more →