Kindergarten Push-Ups

exercise for kids

I walked in the other day to my daughter doing push-ups, or as much of a push-up as a four year old can manage (I’m going to wait until 5 until I really crack down on her form, you know, don’t want to be too harsh).  When I asked her why, she said “I need… Read more →

Thoughts on Teen Bodybuilding

teen bodybuilding

I see various aspects of this topic debated on a regular basis on the bodybuilding forums I frequent, both by parents as well as the teens themselves who are looking to get into bodybuilding.  As a website devoted to Dads, their families, and their joint fitness goals, I think it appropriate to weigh in on… Read more →

The Hidden Dangers Of Fruit Juice

fruit juice sugar

“100% Healthy”, “All-Natural”, “Straight From The Orchard”, “No Sugar Added” – These are all phrases that you will find commonly splashed across many of the fruit juices available at the grocery store.  However, while it may seem  like a no-brainier that fruit juice is good for you, especially with all of these endorsements, think again. … Read more →

Exercise For Kids

exercise for kids

While I talk about exercises and related topics for Dads, it’s also important that fitness should be a family affair.  It’s great to get yourself in shape but you should also work to make sure you’re whole family is healthy as well. To that end I found this great article from the U.S. National Library… Read more →