I Don’t Use Fitness Apps

free fitness apps

As the title clearly states, I don’t use any fitness apps.  I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss for three main reasons: Our society today is extremely smart phone dependent.  We use them for everything these days, including it seems getting in shape. Over the last few years there have been a… Read more →

Cheat Meals and Cheater-cise

cheat meals

I wanted to write about this because frankly it’s something I struggle with on a regular basis.  Here’s the setup:  I have already exercised for the day and I’ve also been really good on my nutrition.  Unexpectedly, we decide to go to dinner as a family.  Maybe our daughter did really well at swim lessons,… Read more →

The Hidden Dangers Of Fruit Juice

fruit juice sugar

“100% Healthy”, “All-Natural”, “Straight From The Orchard”, “No Sugar Added” – These are all phrases that you will find commonly splashed across many of the fruit juices available at the grocery store.  However, while it may seem  like a no-brainier that fruit juice is good for you, especially with all of these endorsements, think again. … Read more →

Supplement Basics – Part 2

supplements for men

In Supplement Basics – Part 1 I provided a brief introduction on how I view supplements and the main categories I use to classify them, revolving around when I use them.  I went into detail in the first category, Daily Supplements, and now I will dig into Pre-Workout and Post-Workout. I’m going to throw this… Read more →

Supplement Basics – Part 1

supplements for men

I’ve touched on supplements in a few of my previous articles – particularly in The Protein Bar Problem, Supplement Reviews – Labdoor, and in the Nutrition Basics series – however this is a large enough topic that it deserves it’s own set of articles to discuss it. In this series, I’m going to give a… Read more →