Supplement Basics – Part 2

supplements for men

In Supplement Basics – Part 1 I provided a brief introduction on how I view supplements and the main categories I use to classify them, revolving around when I use them.  I went into detail in the first category, Daily Supplements, and now I will dig into Pre-Workout and Post-Workout. I’m going to throw this… Read more →

Supplement Basics – Part 1

supplements for men

I’ve touched on supplements in a few of my previous articles – particularly in The Protein Bar Problem, Supplement Reviews – Labdoor, and in the Nutrition Basics series – however this is a large enough topic that it deserves it’s own set of articles to discuss it. In this series, I’m going to give a… Read more →

Nutrition Basics – Discovering Macros

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Macros – Not just for programming anymore (yes, that’s a computer joke).  As you do your research into how to create a nutrition plan for yourself, you’ll probably come across the concept of nutrition balancing by macros.  The idea is relatively simple – instead of counting calories, you focus on the number of grams of… Read more →