exercise for kids Kindergarten Push-Ups

I walked in the other day to my daughter doing push-ups, or as much of a push-up as a four year old can manage (I’m going to wait until 5 until I really crack down on her form, you know, don’t want to be too harsh).  When I asked her why, she said “I need to get strong muscles for Kindergarten”.

Besides being adorable, I thought this was a great example of how exposing your kids to good fitness habits early can really make a distinct impression on them.  They don’t need to actually workout, but she learned this from seeing me do these.  More importantly, when she asked what I was doing and why, I gave a real explanation.  This really illustrates the power of just now showing them how to do it, but helping them to understand why they should do it.  It helps to drive deeper the connection between exercise and good health.

She has also started the same thing with food, talking about being healthy.  A great case in point are sugar cookies.  She looooovvvesss sugar cookies.  However, when we explained that if you have too many it will make your tummy upset and it’s not healthy for you, she understood (it might have taken more than one time for this to sink in).  Now she lectures us when we’re having too much of a something like this – which can get a bit annoying, but I’m glad she’s thinking about what and how much she eats in the right way.

I’ve written about this before but thought it would be good to share a real-life example of the impact you can make in your kids long-term health, starting at an early age.

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